Genre - New Age
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Trappings - Song Lyrics

Trappings - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander


Written 1990

Verse 1:
these trappings
I cling to like the breath of life
why not die then and be done with it
I force them to control me with all my strength

Verse 2:
clinging to things
I become like a black hole
empty of anything full of everything
sadness pain anxiety happiness

if I'm letting go
I'm clinging to that freedom
leave them both there's nothing there
just be

Verse 3:
my mind dwells
and categorizes everything
nice and neat packed in boxes labeled well
in the massive glorious hurricane we call life

Verse 4:
my knuckles are white
from holding everything
I try to pry them off with meditation melt them with devotion
they and everything disappear in my laughter