Genre - New Age
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Serenity Is Mine - Song Lyrics

Serenity Is Mine - Copyright 2011 Charles Sjolander

Serenity Is Mine

Written 10-31-2012

serenity is mine
this moment is perfect
serenity is mine
this beautiful life
this breath I take
this beat of my heart
the feel of my skin
this every moment
serenity is mine
serenity is mine

Verse 1:
the walls that I build
are only in my mind
I can let them fall at will
though they have stood for all time
the ache of faded love
and all the trouble in this world
every story I can't let go of
I release them with these words


Verse 2:
If I go down through the layers
of my complicated mind
the truth becomes clearer
simplicity I find
yet how can I explain it
this deep inner peace
for when nothing seems to fit

that's when I most need to release


Serenity Is Mine
Serenity Is Mine