Genre - New Age
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Remember Who You Are - Song Lyrics

Remember Who You Are - Copyright 2008 Charles Sjolander

Remember Who You Are

Written 1988

Verse 1:
I have seen you sad 
for all there is a time to weep
and I have seen you glad
for a pain you do not keep
I have seen you dance 
and fly into the air
take another chance 
with boldness and with care

on this very special day 
when love is near not far
all that I need say 
is remember who you are
love is like a breeze 
which can blow away a scar
all I ask is please 
remember who you are

Verse 2:
I have seen you all 
grown from a tiny seed
and I have heard you call 
in a time of need
I have seen you play 
and speak your holy word
so there is nothing I can say
that you haven't already heard