Genre - New Age
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Name Change - Song Lyrics

Name Change - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander

Name Change

Written 1994

Verse 1:
There are patterns in my life I need to change
to notice their existence to acknowledge the pain
I open myself to myself today
asked the little girl inside if she'll come out to play

The change of a lifetime to change your name
to reclaim the power from which you came
at peace with the past leave your baggage here
your vision for the future coming ever more clear

Verse 2:
I'm letting go of some of my old stories
for my safety and health you needn't worry
change may be drastic but I can always find delight
in writing new chapters to the book of my life


Verse 3:
starting again after so many years 
may seem like a prospect to bring you to tears
but I'm starting out fresh with the wisdom I've gained
throwing away chaff while my spirit remains