Genre - New Age
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Kali - Song Lyrics

Kali - Copyright 2008 Charles Sjolander


Written 5-10-1982

Stephen wrote the words and I wrote the music.

Verse 1:
She is an ebony beauty
like a dark starry night
creator of all reality
and wielder of great might

ohm Kali jai Kali
Kali Kali Brahman ohm
ohm Kali jai Kali
Kali Kali Brahman ohm
Brahman ohm

Verse 2:
more ancient than eternity
more subtle than time and space
she weaves her solid fantasy
to occupy the human race


Verse 3:
She is god as female
the active receptive force
writer of the great tale
she is the creative source


Verse 4:
ohm Kali Ohm