Genre - New Age
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It's A Wonderful Life - Song Lyrics

It's A Wonderful Life - Copyright 2008 Charles Sjolander

It's A Wonderful Life

Written 1989

Verse 1:
think of all you've done
all the lives you touch
the moon and stars and sun
you mean just as much
take time to reflect
of good and bad think again
there's no such thing as perfect
except what you've always been

it's a wonderful life
I hope you agree
both happy and sad
magic and ordinary
we are always learning
to live more than the light
at peace with the seasons turning
it's a wonderful life
it's a wonderful life

Verse 2:
you know that we all make
this world in which we live
like a peaceful lake
a love which you give
everything works out
it's written like a play
but it also is about
simply living day to day

it's a wonderful life