Genre - New Age
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If I Didn't - Song Lyrics

If I Didn't - Copyright 2008 Charles Sjolander

If I Didn't

Written 1989

Verse 1:
do you think I'm always playful
that I haven't a care
smiling and joyful
with energy to spare
it's not true I have my pain
which I often hide
we all show a little rain
but not all there is inside

if I didn't have hope
how could I keep on going
if I didn't share a dream
how could I sleep at night
if I didn't have faith
how would I face a new morning
if I didn't give love
how could I live
how could I die
how could I love

Verse 1:
at times I feel a flood
of energy and song
as if looking through the mud
I see what was there all along
at other times I'm black
gone is the light that shown
searching for the way back
utterly alone