Genre - New Age
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I'm Learning To Trust - Song Lyrics

I'm Learning To Trust - Copyright 2011 Charles Sjolander

I'm Learning To Trust

Written 10-6-2012

I'm learning to trust
like the sun keeps shining trust
just like gravity I trust
that I will never stop growing
life is always changing
and so I'm learning to trust
I'm learning to trust

Verse 1:
well here we all are on planet earth
it's a beautiful view if you can see it's worth
I used to think I could lock it all in place
they say God laughs when we make plans
or try to stop the flow of the hourglass sands
daily life is the challenge we face

That's why

Verse 2:
I used to think I could force things through
if everyone would just do what I tell them to do
I might have solved everything long ago
well now I notice the irony
of grasping and holding to try to get free
it seems that I sometimes have trouble letting go

That's why

That's why