Genre - New Age
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I'll Fly - Song Lyrics

I'll Fly - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander

I'll Fly

Written 1994

Verse 1:
the worries I hold to indefinitely
are the ones of which I'm most unaware
like tethers I'm holding for security
tho I don't know why they're even there

when I sing I feel such energy
when I laugh I join the sky
when I weep emotions poor from me
when I let go of the tethers
I'll fly I'll fly I'll fly high

Verse 2:
expanding my ability to love myself
is sometimes easier said than done
accepting assistance from someone else
is a path I've only just begun


Verse 3:
The energy is calm and strong in me
why does it feel unsafe to fly
fear of success is all that I can see
but now the music is pushing me high