Genre - New Age
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Hear With Your Heart - Song Lyrics

Hear With Your Heart - Copyright 2008 Charles Sjolander

Hear With Your Heart

Written 1989

Verse 1:
don't listen to my words
they seek but do not find
they fly out like flocks of birds
and rest upon my wandering mind
truth is not in what I say
but in what I do
open to the truth today
potential that's inside of you

close your ears hear with your heart
close your eyes look with your mind
leave your senses calm your mind and be
all you can be if you hear with your heart

Verse 2:
don't be fooled by what you see
I don't know a thing
I'm no more a saint than thee
I just like to sing
look inside yourself for truth
don't judge what is there
why should you need more as proof
than simple breathing air