Genre - New Age
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God Lives Here - Song Lyrics

God Lives Here - Copyright 2008 Charles Sjolander

God Lives Here

Written 1989

Verse 1:
when you are young dreams are real
but as time goes by we learn not to feel
throw away your prison awaken today
can you come out to play

Verse 2:
look inside yourself peel away the pain
find your dream which you've hidden again
bring it to the water immerse it in the sea
come and fly with me

Verse 3:
look with the eyes of a child see the color of air
dance with angels floating everywhere
open more than your eyes don't be afraid
look at all you've made

Verse 4:
I am still afraid that dreams don't come true
when I feel alone in what I'm going through
I open up my hearts door and then I see it clear
God lives here
God lives here