Genre - New Age
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From The Heart, Again - Song Lyrics

From The Heart, Again - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander
From The Heart

written 2/18/05

Verse 1:
your mind can picture
your body move
and something pulls us
beyond these two
your heart is not bound
by where it seems to reside
but we all can feel it inside

from the heart blessings flow with understanding
from the heart authentic movement no pretending
from the heart beauty is life affirming
and life has meaning living from the heart

Verse 2:
the source of love a magical place
your heart enfolds with simple grace
heart and soul appear interchangeable it seems
for both can be felt pulling us to our dreams


Verse 3:
there's no denying the pull you feel
tho unseen it is very real
love for another or love for everyone
your heart leads you to what must be done