Genre - New Age
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Enough For Me - Song Lyrics

Enough For Me - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander

Enough For Me

Written 1993

Verse 1:
Enjoying the suns warmth and also the freeze
the coming of an age laughing in the breeze
I don't need technology's fortress to keep me safe and sound
I just want my feet upon the ground

if this is all there is it's enough for me
if this life is all we have it's enough for me
it's enough for me

Verse 2:
I don't need a heaven floating overhead
I don't want a special place to go to when I am dead
I'll be happy just to melt into the earth you won't have to cry
I'll be smiling right through my last goodbye


Verse 3:
I don't need many other lives to finally get it right
I don't want life's mysteries to keep me awake at night
I'm just doing my best and after all what else could I do
either way we're all just passing through