Genre - New Age
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Closer To The Truth - Song Lyrics

Closer To The Truth - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander
Closer To The Truth

written for another new years song 12-29-01

Verse 1:
I count my deeds with a child's needs
so bare and small
against the wonder of it all
but what I understand placed by hand
it grows it grows

Verse 2:
I count my days
tally up a year
it slips away
both the joy and fear
let them go for we all Know
we're more than this we're more than this

each time I let go I am closer to living
each time I release brings me closer to the truth

Verse 3:
I count my gifts letting go of pride
your soul shines thru
when you look inside
so start right away
this moment this day
to shine to shine