Genre - New Age
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Buried Treasure - Song Lyrics

Buried Treasure - Copyright 2009 Charles Sjolander

Buried Treasure

Written 11-21-2008

Verse 1:
I'm looking for my buried treasure
maybe it's just out in the back yard
I always thought I could dig it up when ever
but I buried it so deep the finding is hard

I treasure my dreams
I love my life
the treasure is always right here inside
I share my dreams
I shine my light
the treasure is always right here inside

Verse 2:
I'm looking for a lasting treasure
not just something you'd buy at the store
I treasure a smile and a lot of laughter
things that make life worth living for


Don't hide it anymore
go to the vault and open the door
there's always more so let it go
let the world really know

Verse 4:
I think I've found my buried treasure
not in the backyard
or under the sea
I could go on searching out there
but the buried treasure it was me
it was me