Genre - New Age
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Beauty Lives In You - Song Lyrics

Beauty Lives In You - Copyright 2011 Charles Sjolander
Beauty Lives In You

Written 5-20-2011

Verse 1:
you don't have to stop and smell the roses
just take a look around
beyond the images that poetry exposes
just listen to the sound
of a breath of a voice ringing out with your choice
not to hide or destroy but to love with such joy

and you know that beauty lives in you
when you reach in and find what's true
that's when you'll see beauty all around us too

Verse 2:
you don't have to push away cloudy days
just let them be
when light pierces through sets the trees ablaze
just make sure you see
the colors and the light and the joy within sight
breaking out everywhere 'till we all simply share


Verse 3: (ad lib.)
it was afternoon on a dark and rainy day
dark clouds spread from horizon to horizon
the trees wet and dark with the rain
the grass dark on the ground
I happened to be outside
when suddenly there was a tiny break in the clouds
way down next to the horizon
and from that tiny break in the clouds
there was a piercing ray of light
that shot across the sky
and set the trees ablaze
dark clouds above
dark rain soaked ground below
but that single piercing ray of light
striking the trees
making the leaves shine like diamonds
the sight pierced my heart with
indescribable beauty
indescribable beauty
indescribable beauty
and perhaps foolishly I tried to explain it

Verse 2.