Genre - New Age
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A Centering Place - Song Lyrics

A Centering Place - Copyright 2010 Charles Sjolander

A Centering Place

Written 1986

Verse 1:
why do I come here I asked myself this week
one answer was clear there is something that I seek
to know that I have a friend traveling the same way
though my journey may not end I find peace here today

it's a centering place a time to look inside
like a well known face from which you need not hide
it's a release for me to the past I say goodbye
like a prisoner set free I spread my dreams and fly

Verse 2:
why do I come here some times I just don't know
to be with friends so dear to help myself let go
but it's not the sound of my voice or even the words I say
we always have a choice to live this every day