Genre - Gospel
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Living Free - Song Lyrics

Living Free - Copyright 2008 Charles Sjolander

Living Free

Written 7-1-2008

Verse 1:
I decided to live with my heart open
such deep tenderness exposed
people say I should be more careful
and put up a wall so no one knows
no not anymore

I am living living living free
free of the chains the chains that used to bind me
now I'm living living living free
my heart is wide open
to the magic of my own divinity

Verse 2:
I've felt so much more in the last year
than any of the years before
I haven't backed down from the tears oh no
'cause tears loosen my hold on the door
open it wide


Verse 3:
So come on and join the party
as we celebrate this day
there's nowhere else you should be oh no
nothing else we need to say
so come on along


our own divinity
our own divinity
our own divinity