Genre - Folk
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We're The Same - Song Lyrics

We're The Same - Copyright 2010 Charles Sjolander

We're The Same

Written 1986

Verse 1:
A couple in Washington kissed their daughter into bed
the long day is finally done but it still fills her head
in Kharkov and Moscow the same scene is played
it make me wonder how true peace can be delayed

we're the same
there is no difference to our lives
just different names
I hope that both of us survives
this deadly game
in which our countries choose to play
it's a shame
I hope that both of us are here another day

Verse 2:
everyday I pray for peace knowing some day we'll find
we finally feel release from the fear that makes us blind
a Russian girl kneels beside her bed to pray
I wonder if she feels the same way


Verse 3:
mom dad and apple pies are written on his face
but a tear comes to his eyes every time that he says grace
he gazes out across his land thinking then he'll know
but he doesn't understand why to war his son will go