Genre - Folk
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This Is the Time - Song Lyrics

This Is the Time - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander
This Is the Time

written for a new years 12-30-01

Verse 1:
The world moves in cycles a constant ebb and flow
our lives do as well as we come and go
remember to look for the things that matter
friendship, balance, and love

This the time now is the moment to challenge yourself
with the simplest of freedoms
letting go surrendering to the movement
releasing the past
there's so much you can become

Verse 2:
water over stone
the passing of time
starting with the known
I know that I'm
learning each day what is important
letting go of things I don't really need


Verse 3:
Seasons return and lessons as well
the ones that we learn we quickly dispel
there are some that I hold like a beautiful treasure
releasing my grasp I am finally free



releasing the past
there is so much we can become