Genre - Folk
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There In My Valley - Song Lyrics

There In My Valley - Copyright 2008 Charles Sjolander

There In My Valley

Written 1989

Verse 1:
once in London town I did stay
for one night and also a day
there all the people are pressed between walls
and their voices are echoing calls

at night I dreamed of my sunny glen
and I dreamed of old family and friends
and God willing I'll be there again
there in my valley I'll stay till the end

Verse 2:
on my journey I went to the sea
where the wind and the water are free
but my heart was free not at all
at twilight I heard your lovely voice call


Verse 3:
as I travelled away from thee
many a wondrous sight I did see
but none as wondrous as your lovely smile
to see it again I shall travel the miles