Genre - Folk
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Silently - Song Lyrics

Silently - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander


Written 1993

Verse 1:
silently we sit as if that's all we'll ever do
worn and tired we rest because the day will come so soon
caught between a five year old and one who's just been born
the fabric of our tenderness is stretched and badly torn

are you there hello
I hope some day to meet you
twenty years is a long time to wait for you my love
are you there hello
your face looks so familiar
I want to find the ways know you more
to love you more

Verse 2:
what did we once talk about before the talker came
filling up the space with shouts of never ending game
the silence we enjoy only when both are sound asleep
seems to gather distance which our tender hearts both keep


Verse 3:
it's true that there's a strength to us there never was before
warmth and understanding I rely on more and more
far surpassing passion though I miss that very much
sometimes the spark is hidden even when we touch