Genre - Folk
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Pushing Against The River - Song Lyrics

Pushing Against The River - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander
Pushing Against The River

Written 1995

Verse 1:
I'm past all feeling though I know I must feel
my head is reeling 'cause I don't know what's real
I can't believe that it's gone on this long
I had it down pat but I guess I was wrong

I don't want to be the one pushing against the river
is there any more that I can do to heal this situation
I've paid my debts now someone should deliver
but the river flows on and it's only just begun

Verse 2:
it happened so fast I wish it wasn't so
I make things to last I like it nice and slow
I'm past compassion I am too strung out to care
I just want someone to tell me when we're there