Genre - Folk
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No Words, No Noodles - Song Lyrics

No Words, No Noodles - Copyright 2008 Charles Sjolander

No Words, No Noodles

Written 1988

Verse 1:
everything you are
is what you mean to me
take me to a star
and then set me free
all that I possess
is nothing next to you
to return your sweet caress
is all I need do

Verse 2:
I feel complete
when I walk by your side
the melody is so sweet
I hear from inside
I'm so glad you're here
sharing every day
you're all that I hold dear
more than words can say

Verse 3:
as we both grow
the more we both shine
your eyes seem to glow
with love light Divine
where our lives will lead
only time will tell
you feel like all I will need
and that all will be well