Genre - Folk
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Love Is Still Alive - Song Lyrics

Love Is Still Alive - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander

Love Is Still Alive

Written 1992

Verse 1:
the whole world seemed to stand still
as with pain his eyes began to fill
the loss was only a balloon 
and was over quite soon
but all the more real

love is still alive and doing fine
though death and birth always intertwine
love is still alive
love is still alive

Verse 2:
with trembling hands she untied the string
this moment is the movement of everything
a simple gesture of giving 
makes life worth living
the world a better place


Verse 3:
the gift was small but very sweet
once she had given it she started to retreat
I felt there was something to say
we say thank you every day
but what do we feel


love is still alive