Genre - Folk
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Leave Them Love - Song Lyrics

Leave Them Love - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander
Leave Them Love

written 11-12-01

Verse 1:
what will we leave our sons and daughters
what will they receive from our being here
will they have blue skies and clear waters
right now the answer is unclear

leave them love and acceptance
leave them joy in all they do
and if it's all gone in an instance
leave behind the best of you
give this world the best you can do

Verse 2:
what will we leave our children's children
what are our gifts to ones yet to come
cherish the moments and let love happen
and they'll thank us for all that we've done


Verse 3:
what will we leave the seventh generation
what is the legacy we're making today
each of us is a part of the creation
of a world generations away