Genre - Folk
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Cheyenne Canyon - Song Lyrics

Cheyenne Canyon - Copyright 2008 Charles Sjolander

Cheyenne Canyon

Written 1990

Verse 1:
Snow clings to the fronds of the evergreen
yet the sun is shining down
water rushes over stones in the valley
where the winter winds have blown

Verse 2:
My footsteps matching time with the universe
the trees wave as I pass
I notice the wonder of life all around me
the flowers in the grass

Verse 3:
Snow is dripping down like rain from the trees
as the temperature starts to rise
clouds of grey and white are replaced by
the deep blue of the sky

Verse 4:
the air is fresh and clean when I breathe
and I fill my lungs with life
I shade my eyes to see more clearly
and smile to see my wife