Genre - Country
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The Last Song - Song Lyrics

The Last Song - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander

The Last Song

Written 1993

(goodbye to Patsy Cline)

Verse 1:
when I was young one
knee high to everyone
I'd sit with my grandma and listen to the radio
as I grew I began to sing along
when they played one of your songs
I whispered the words as off to bed I'd go

and I remember the last song before I heard you died
I just lay on the bed and cried
and somehow from that night my heart knew
what I would grow up to do

Verse 2:
we lived a half a mile from anyone
with three generations
under one roof but I didn't mind
there was always someone to talk to
and when the day's work was through
with the radio in the kitchen we'd start to unwind


Verse 3:
I always looked peculiar
not much of a figure
the boys often teased me but never when I sang
I first felt my inner fire
singing in the church choir
I swear you could hear us even when the church bells rang



I wanted to be like you
I wanted to be like you