Genre - Classic Rock
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Number 36 - Song Lyrics

Number 36 - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander

Number 36

Written 1992

Verse 1:
complicated answers
to the questions still unknown
complicated reasons
we should just let 'em go
I don't have the answers
in case you haven't guessed
I'm turning with the seasons
a fool like all the rest

there are people in pain
ever searching for peace yeah
from childhood we've been trained
to hold instead of release
let it go

Verse 2:
the time that we've spent
in other dimensions
others wonder where we went
we return with no conclusions
well I am no prophet
you'd be a fool to follow me
but a thought I can't forget
is that all us fools may just be free


Verse 3:
normal working hours
plus overtime at night
bowing to the powers
which we all agree are right
well I question the premise
that they know better than me
another broken promise
just floating out to sea