Genre - BritPop
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Something Pink - Song Lyrics

Something Pink - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander

Something Pink

Written 1995

Verse 1:
something pink is waiting in the grass for me
smiling wide so I can see
spreading wide so I can be inside
something pink is slipping between the sheets
a song in my head repeats
a thought in my head repeats in my bed

so take off your clothes and stay for awhile
I've been waiting for you wearing only a smile
when you're so near why do you feel so far away
maybe it's me I just don't understand
are we closer now or just shaking hands
my thought are clear I just don't know what to say

Verse 2:
something pink is strutting across the stage
I don't know why my thoughts presage
my third eye sees acts of rage nearby
something pink is hiding under every skirt
that's why I always flirt 
that's why I always hurt these days


something pink
something pink
something pink