Genre - Blues
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'Cause I Like My Rut - Song Lyrics

'Cause I Like My Rut - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander

'Cause I Like My Rut

Written 2007

Verse 1:
look around and some see beauty
look around and others see only pain
some folks seem to feel it's their sacred duty
to go through the hard times again and again

so when your friends say what are you doing
why don't you quit
you tell 'm 'cause I like my rut and how I've decorated it

Verse 2:
we all travel down that highway
some times down on bended knees
some folks will tell you, you gotta go their way
but the pavement all looks the same to me


we all know the answer
just have to stop sometimes
take a moment to remember
and change your mind
just got to change our mind

Verse 4:
we all like to tell our story
a tale more tragic day by day
it's OK to make it sound bad but be wary
you may end up living your life that way